If You Live in Sg Nibong…

This is a quick post to help a friend spread some news.
But before that, ya, I know. I have been missing from this blog. I miss blogging. I miss doing my regular stuff. I have my good reasons but never fear, Mayakirana will be back online and regular next week.
The reason is: we’ve been moving office, from the ground floor of Eureka Complex to the 2nd floor. The move was necessary because we needed a little more space and the 2nd floor office was available so we jumped right in.
But that didn’t mean we could start immediately. Carpet had to be cleaned by the cleaning services company, some furniture to be moved and some new ones bought so you get the picture. Also had to order some new Dell PCs for new staff coming in. It’s a cosy space with windows on 2 sides so we get a lovely view of the rolling green pathways and library. Definitely an office we could be happy with.
I’ll miss the gushing waterfall (man-made lah) down on the ground floor though. Most clients are awed by the waterfall and love the sound of water when they come visit. Now that we are on the left wing instead of the right, we miss the sound of water! And my knees aren’t happy that I need to walk up 4 flights of stairs daily to get to the office – yes, I could use the lift but sometimes we park a bit too far to get to the lift.
Anyway, back to my intention for this post.
A friend of mine who is with the Taman Sri Nibong Residents’ Association sent me an email and I thought it’s for a good deed so here’s the announcement: the residents are organising a food bank collection every Saturday and Sunday 9am at the Residents’ Association Pondok. They’ll also go around from house to house on first and third Sunday, 4pm to 6pm to collect food. I believe the food should be canned food and dried food items.
The food bank items will be donated to charity homes. I was not told of which home they’ll give them to but you can always ask the organisers:
Fidel Ho 012 456 5867
Wendy 012 478 5124
Yeoh 012 486 0303
I think this is a great idea. The organisers also welcome your ideas and input towards this cause.
If you live in the Sungai Nibong area, you know what you can do – donate and tell your neighbours to do so too!

5 thoughts on “If You Live in Sg Nibong…”

  1. Congrats on the new office! So good to know that your biz has expanded and moving on to the next level. (figurately and literally) Even though you are now longer getting the man-made waterfall, you can still install a fountain of sorts in your office to enjoy the water flowing sound..just like the one I had install in my home.. if you still remember how it looks like. It’s those portable ones which you could get at some reputable plant nurseries. Ceramic and plonk in a few seashells and money plant, you get an instant feng-shui enhancer. Enjoy!

  2. Hoho! Congratulations on your new office! Looks like the hard work paid off. 🙂
    When I saw the title “If You Live in Sg Nibong…” I thought something bad happened or whatsoever. LOL.

  3. Hi Kate: Thanks dear. Yes, it will be back to the office now… Yah, was just thinking of doing that. But still cannot find one that is suitable. Have been shopping around for a not-so-tacky water feature for 2 weeks now. Congrats to you too – new house!
    Hi Vern: Haha, sorry if it scared you. Eh, I am the bringer of good news…. if bad, errr, I wouldn’t put it on my blog leh. So do let your mom and aunts know about this. You can call my friend, Fidel and ask more about the food bank.

  4. Hi u-jean: Yes, Fidel is rather famous isn’t she? Well go and support the food drive if you live in Sg Nibong, that is. 😉 Good luck for upcoming exams but Vern says you always ace them but good luck anyway!


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