Ronggeng Merdeka

Here’s a quick heads up for a dear friend….
Remember last year I blogged about Heritage Heboh? Fortunately, I managed to catch the sneak preview of that. I did not manage to attend the real thing as I had a terrible flu due to too much fun in the sun in Langkawi.
This year, the same bunch of Malaysians (young and old alike) are coming back, bigger and stronger with a showcase called Ronggeng Merdeka. Yes, 50 years of independence, remember?
This time around too there are more venues where you can catch the highly creative children/tweens in action.

Ronggeng Merdeka is a musical drama, presented by Anak-anak Kota under the brilliant guidance of the artist folks comprising Janet Pillai, Aida Redza, Ho Sheau Fung and Tan Sooi Beng. The young performers are Malaysians of different ethnic backgrounds, presenting their musical in true Malaysian style using an amalgam of English, Malay and Hokkien.
Do support these amazing performers – they’ll be performing at 5 different venues on Penang island and Seberang Perai, starting from 4 June (yes, that’s tomorrow!) at Teluk Bahang’s Dewan MPPP, 8pm.
I’ll be catching their last performance at Armenian St, Georgetown, on 16 June, 8pm. What I love about Anak-anak Kota is that they truly epitomise what being Malaysian is all about.
There are so many similarities and passions among us that it’s a waste of time arguing about differences and what we cannot do. Why not focus on what we CAN do for our own good? Anak anak Kota performers use arts and culture to showcase the best of what we Malaysians are.
Call me lame but I feel heartened when I watch these performers give their best as children and as the next generation of Malaysians. Some of my friends always tell me to emigrate, that there’s so many opportunities out in the world.
But you know, I love being Malaysian in Malaysia. It’s my homeland. It’s where I am best suited for. I may sweat like a hog but I’d rather sweat than be wrapped in layers and layers and not have a chance to ‘mandi pagi’. If I emigrate, what happens when I am in the mood for some bak kut teh or nasi kandar with lashings of burn-your-tongue curries? What will I do when I am in the mood for some real Malaysian conversation and who will I gossip with, about the state of our stupid, sexist MPs? I am Malaysian and there’s really no better place than Malaysia! I am the eternal optimist, of course.
Do give these hardworking performers the support and cheer they need. Find out more about this truly Malaysia Boleh event at

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  1. Just an update, went for the first performance last night — at Teluk Bahang. The performance was rather short, but a sweet one. If only the crowd was a little more responsive… then again, it was Teluk Bahang.


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