When Things Get Busy…

Welcome to a new look for Mayakirana’s blog….actually I’m totally so not techie. This is the work of Nic, of course.
I’ve been bugging him to change the theme for my blog for the absolutest longest time but you see, work and business get in the way.
And this past few weeks have been totally busy. So much so I think my friends are sick and tired of me saying, yes, yes, I can chat but for a while only. Got piles of stuff to do. And some of them can’t even sniff me out online because I’ve been out and about!
So when things get truly zombie-crazy busy, it’s nice to fiddle with themes for a bit. And have you noticed that this theme is rather cool? You can move the elements around if you like. Ajax and web 2.0 combination – and a resemblance to Mac. Apple Mac, that is.
The creative director (my husband lah) decided it was time for Maya’s blog to be moving with the millennium. Toss out the old theme and be as geeky as I can be. I’m not sure if I am geeky enough to qualify for geekdom but sometimes I do get pretty excited over widgets and what-nots I find online.
I’ve got a bunch of stuff to share too, and all these ideas are fermenting in my cranium.
Went for a Buddhist talk for the past two nights at Caring Society Complex, and enjoyed myself thoroughly listening to Phakchok Rinpoche who’s a terribly good storyteller.
Never mind that he stopped at times to ask his secretary how a certain word was said in English, never mind that the translator got mixed up when she was speaking in Mandarin.
His Dhamma talks were hilarious. But the best part has got to be the Q&A session at the end of the talks…. these are the times when people try to ask intellectual questions and stump many a listener. But the young Rinpoche answered them affably, with a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky smile. I will post up his photo once I re-size it properly. (He’s young too… he’s only 26.)
Actually I never knew much at Vajrana Buddhism until a friend told me about Rinpoche coming to Penang (I consider myself much more Theravadin than anything but then again, these are just labels….I’m learning about Pureland from Nic and reading up on it too but I grew up with Theravadin ways ie suttas, Dhamma camps/retreats etc).
Anyway, Rinpochoe visits Malaysia every 6 months I believe and gives talks and does puja with the laypeople. You can find out more about him and his monastery in Nepal from http://www.gomde.org.il/eng/pr.htm
Anyway, I’ll write more later. Now I’ve got to dash out for a while and run some errands.

7 thoughts on “When Things Get Busy…”

  1. Wah!!! You go for that talk also kah. Next time, please tell me and I would like to go also. I have hear about them lately. One of my customer say, nowadays there are quite a number of the lama coming to malaysia. Off course to other part of the world also.

  2. Dearie, new look for new year??? Nic should not have put you in between his work. Tell him it is the wife’s needs that must be on the top most of his priority list. Anyway, a refreshed look to a blog much explored by myself, on a daily basis.. the only platform for me to keep track of this very busy bee

  3. Hi Erina
    Sure, I will let you know the next time there’s anything coming up. I was supposed to go for a lamplighting session and a Medicine Buddha Puja too but I was too caught up with deadlines. Luckily I managed to attend both talks. Thanks, I like this new look too.
    Hi Kate, ha, new look for a new me…. and thanks for our little chat the other day. I will take your “closure” idea seriously. Scary thought but worthwhile. After all, Auntie Kate knows best ya? *wink*

  4. Hey young lady. Very, very nice theme. Cool and chic – not forgetting simplicity at its best too. Three cheers for Nic for such a good job! Ask him to teach me, can? =P Anyway, good to see your update — been missing some Mayakiranan quirks and ramblings.

  5. wow, sleek one huh?? lol.
    any reason behind the cyan and the modernized ‘blade’ look?
    oh, would they cum to KL, the lamas? do send me contacts and schedules can u? cheers.

  6. Hi Vern
    Danke, danke. Like me I guess… haha…. ok, ok bad case of masuk bakul angkat sendiri on a Monday noon.
    Hi Keat,
    Well, I got bored of the old blog look. Decided to try something funky and new. I must say you people like it a lot – perhaps more than me! Not sure if the lamas would be in KL but if I hear of anything, I will buzz you.


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