Don't Miss F for Female

This is a quick plug for a friend of mine whose work will be shown this coming weekend at The Actors Studio, Green Hall, Penang.

Here’s Jana (left) looking pensive…..
F for Female consists of 2 plays (“Infant” written by Fariza Zainul Ariffin and “The T.O.P” by Janarthani Arumugam) featuring Shaleena, Adeline Ong and Johanna W. The plays are directed by Fadzrina Zainul Ariffin.

The cast and producers of “F for Female”.
Showtimes are 23 June to 25 June (8.30pm on each day with a matinee at 3pm on the last day) and tickets go for RM25 (regular peeps like you and I) and RM15 for students and senior citizens. If you want more info or to book your tickets, call 263 5400.

Personally I am doing this for my friend, Jana and NOT for The Actors Studio as I am quite peeved with their late mailings. I don’t think it has anything to do with being artsy people or anything (do artsy people have a licence for tardiness? I don’t think so).
Don’t send out late email announcements because the plays are planned way ahead. It is fortunate that I know Jana and I can forgive these mistakes because I will be there to support her and nothing else.
To find out why or how Jana and I are connected, read this previous post of mine where I attended a play she acted in with Mark Beau de Silva.

3 thoughts on “Don't Miss F for Female”

  1. PK,
    Thanks a bunch for the publicity. It will be a great watch(I assure you!). It is by an all female cast, written by women, directed by women and presented for women!!! See you there.

  2. Hi there woman: Yes, and I will be there for the show. 😉 Don’t you look quite the ‘producer’ in the first pic? LOL.

  3. Play review! Play review! Didn’t get to see it as my wife was unhappy that weekend (probably with me) and also lack of babysitters but the other members of the office say it was great and well done.
    Oh and I can’t remember where I posted it so I will just tell you that the location of Pintail is on Penang Road, a little bit north of the Indian cinema and up from that posh looking (i.e. expensive looking) Indian restuarant whose name I’ve forgotten but on the other side of the road from Sam’s Batik Shop.
    P.S. I can’t believe Kenny Sia got a free adidas pack from Adidas after writing that hilarious posting on how to make their football. Ack! (But he is funny…)


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