Oh Dotty Dear Dotty

I have been meaning to make this post for ages now… but somehow always forgot to resize my photos. And today, tadddaaa…I managed to download the pics and resize them and uploaded them again (phew, the amount of work just to blog….).
I count myself utterly fortunate to know so many great people. And among my earliest friends as a result of blogging (hmm, in 2003 I think) is Dotty. Dotty, my dear, thanks for your gift of friendship.
Dotty and I have never met but we’ve shared lots of our life journeys with each other. I won’t tell you what those are – yes, there are rules to blogging too – I won’t divulge if I am not permitted to. And she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve known too. She shares my passion for the written word and if uncontrolled, we’d be mad beasts in bookstores, running up the credit card bills.
She’s especially thoughtful and often surprises me to no end. And her surprises, believe it or not, come in handy and useful. I remember last year she posted to me a beautiful package containing a maroon velvet bound journal. For my real-life journals. (To see last year’s gift, go here)
This year, she sent me something no less extraordinary. The moment I collected the box from the post office, I knew it had to be something she chose with me in mind. And it was.
Books! Six classics.
And I love Jane Austen. How did she know?
With a witty card, a lovely letter (handwritten, mind you) and three huge roses hot-glued to the wrapper.
And me, being such a blur sotong, often forgets (eeek!) her birthday although I know it’s in the same month. Oh gosh. I feel so horrible.
But you know what, I have a surprise for Dotty too! It’s in the making!
To see the pics I took of my gifts, go to

4 thoughts on “Oh Dotty Dear Dotty”

  1. ….because I love Jane Austen too, and
    ….because great minds think alike!!!
    Hope you will enjoy the books!!!
    …i will reply your mail
    …i will reply your mail
    …i will reply your mail!!!! 🙂

  2. woi woman, happy birthday. did i send u a greeting via email? takpe lar, anyway, happy birthday darling! sorry tangan kosong, but my sincere luv for u nonetheless.
    may u nin nin yow kam yat, sui sui yow kam chiew.

  3. hello keat,
    thanks for the good wishes. hope your Bangkok stint will be good and fruitful. never mind tangan kosong…as long as you remember me! 😉


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