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This is something interesting I picked up from Eyeris.…seems that on Merdeka Day, some bloggers are going to try to blog in BM!
I can’t say my BM’s fantastic or anything. It’s been a long time since I wrote a proper BM sentence. But the language is useful as one friend told me sometime ago. When you are in foreign land and everyone there speaks English/Mandarin, and you want to bitch about something, BM truly comes in handy!
Now it must have been strange for the mainland Chinese to hear a couple of Malaysian Chinese engineers gabbing away in BM!
But that’s how it is. I used to be a pro in BM (yes, some form of “masuk bakul angkat sendiri” happening here) and I used to read mags like Dewan Sastera and Dewan Masyarakat so that I could write and ahem, score in my exams when I was in secondary school. I even took the BM paper when I was in Form 6. Believe it or not. And damn, I got the A.
But that was like many moons ago. So long ago that I have completely ‘given’ my BM back to my teachers. I can’t seem to string a proper BM sentence these days. It’s rusty but then again, I’ve never had the use for it. Proper BM that is.
Improperly spoken BM….NOW that is something I use sometimes. I grew up conversing with my sisters in BM because we didn’t want our parents to hear our ‘secrets’. My parents aren’t illiterate but they won’t catch what we say when we lapse into super highspeed colloquial BM. Also, I used BM with my sisters (my youngest sis especially) because her English wasn’t very good and her Cantonese was terrible! So the only way we could understand each other was to use BM.
Then again, I’ve found that I don’t mind using the language really. I mean, the 12 years of using and learning the language does make one quite fond of it. Although our BM is not melodious like the Indonesians’, I think it’s like manna for the ears if one suddenly heard it spoken in a foreign land, especially if one is a homesick Malaysian.
So, will I blog (or as it’s called, ‘berblog’) on Merdeka Day in BM? Maybe I will. Just to see how far my rusty BM can take me.
Will YOU blog in BM too?

3 thoughts on “Blogging in BM….”

  1. terroh score bahasah melayuh lu dalam tingkatan 6. tak sangka. bagus sekali. mungkin lu boleh mula satu “blok” bertajuk kronikel yang mundan, maniakal dan tersalah jemah….
    saya akan menjadih peminat setia lu.
    saya sendirik pula tidak boleh, kerana saya orang thai…… bahasa malaysia saya tidak menarik

  2. yeah.. last time we are so used to BM during school days… However, those were the days 🙂 Hardly use BM nowadays except when communicating with those pakcik or makcik who don’t understand other language. In fact I forget lotsa Malay words already.. 🙂

  3. hi keatdhemsem – eh, tak terror sangat lah sebab dulu kita orang banyak berbahasa…sekarang lain pulak sebab tak ramai kawan Melayu! rindu jugaklah sebab dah lama tak berbahasa malaysia. awak macam mana? rasanya BM awak boleh tahan juga. jom kita ber-blog dalam BM esok hari, boleh?
    hi chen, yep, that’s the case. if you don’t use it, you start losing it! funny but i always felt I was more of a Malaysian when I used BM…. 😉


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