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I first read The Silva Mind Control Method three weeks ago and then picked up The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help from Your Other Side recently. Both books are by Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Mind Method.
The Silva Mind Method is about relaxing the body and mind to the extent of slowing down the brainwave frequency in order to produce a positive result.
Now what does all this mean? In our everyday lives, we use a lot of our left brain to help us think, rationalise and justify actions, speech and thought. But our brain is not only made up of the left side. The right side also matters. The right brain is about the creative side of you, as opposed to the left brain which is about being logical and rationale.
When people are creative, they are said to be using their right brain. And according to Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Mind Method, the right brain produces positive results because it is in touch with the “rest of intelligence in the universe – the creative source”. In this case, whenever problems crop up, harnessing the right brain means it can help find a solution. Whenever disharmony occurs, it helps locate harmony.
Silva goes on to add that whenever a person uses his right brain, one “knows” things which one has no way of knowing. It may first seem like guessing but every guess made using the right brain is an accurate “guess”.
Difficult to believe? That’s your left brain trying to justify why it cannot be so.
The key to using your right brain is relaxation. When your body is relaxed, your mind is relaxed. When the mind is relaxed, the brainwave frequency is slowed down (from Beta to Alpha). When the frequency is slowed to half the normal rate, the right brain’s level of activity raises to be as active as your left brain. When both sides of the brain are fired up to optimum levels of activity, the mind can be programmed just like a computer.
That’s when you use words or mental pictures (imagination and visualisation – both right brain activities) to “connect” to the Higher Intelligence. You can call this Higher Intelligence God or Cosmic Force or the Source but when your mental computer is dialing and connecting to the Larger Computer, your wishes and needs can be fulfilled.
Now skeptics will ask: doesn’t this make it all worse? People will start asking for the impossible. Or start asking for evil. The caveat here is that you can use your right brain for doing good. Not for bad, evil or selfish intentions. If you do, what you wish for won’t happen or worse, backfire. Your brain is for creation, not blatant destruction.
The problem now is that we use more of our left brain, throwing our whole brain into complete imbalance. Think of your left brain as the physical world thinking, and your right, as the spiritual world thinking. When you relax the brain, it brings both sides to vibrate at the same frequency (10 cycles per second) and centres our thinking, and enables us to draw on our creative thinking to solve problems. This 10 cycles per second is the Alpha Level.
The Silva Method teaches one how to go to the Alpha Level (very simple!) and what to do once one reaches the Alpha Level. Once one gets to Alpha, one can start re-programming the brain to find answers to problems.
Was it really so simple? I was a bit of a disbeliever at first. But I tried the free exercises anyway.
Then again, I am a Piscean, where intuition and creativity are never far behind.
Try the Silva Mind Method free exercises for yourself, have an open mind and see how it helps.
PS. Read any of Jose’s books and you’ll get a better idea. But I suggest you try out the free exercises first, then read his books. You’ll understand better. And leave Skepticism at home. For once.
PPS. Silva Mind Control graduates have used this method to do a number of things – help diagnose and cure illnesses of patients they’ve never seen, learn and remember better, strengthen their ESP (which every one of us possess anyway – Jose trained his children to use ESP well), and more.

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  1. Hello I am Adrian , from Romania , i am 17 years old and i was and am very excited about Silva method.I was very enthousiastic but unfortunatelly I cannot buy the book , it isnt here for sale and I dont have a credit card to use it abrod.I was asking if it possible for you to help me buy the books and I will send the money to you on post or whatever you can find , I wish to pay first for the books and then get the books later.Thank you in advance , Adrian

  2. hi my name is paul..i used to have dreams which used to come true..most of the silva methods are used in ancient technqiues..etc…
    It is good to keep us positive minded…but am not getting dreams currently which tends to be true…but the concepts seems right our brain needs to be relaxed..calm from no worries then many things ar epossible…

  3. Hell maya,
    Tqvm and I’m arikrishnan wish to know more about Silva Mind Method. I’m meditating and looking for some answer then came my friend who introduce Silva Mind Method. While browsing the net for a solution came across your website and noted what is all about?


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