Fired for Blogging…

You know, blogging is bigger than ever these days. Everyone knows what a blog is. It’s happening. It’s big and it’s set to grow even bigger.
But here’s even better news…people can get fired for blogging!
Shocked? Don’t be.
Usually it happens when you are working for some company (hence, you are an employee) and you start blogging, and writing how unhappy you are with certain co-workers, or why you didn’t get that raise when you were supposed to.
A stewardess in the US is appealing her case right now because she posted some photos of herself in uniform on her blog and she got sacked.
Another blogger got fired because he posted photos of the new Mac G5 on his blog.
So what’s the moral of the story?
Blogging is public, and blogging can get you in trouble if you are not careful, especially in the States.
And if you want to blog dangerously, make sure you are your own boss. That way, no one can fire you.

2 thoughts on “Fired for Blogging…”

  1. I like Microsoft’s policy (which isn’t a written policy, unlike IBM’s). Microsoft just tells their employees to “Blog Smart”. An actual Microsoft employee told me.

  2. Hi Ivan,
    “Blog smart”? Interesting! And IBM has a written policy! OK. I am learning new things everyday! 😉 But seriously, I think this blogging practice is something that works both ways. It can increase interest in an org/company and yes, it can also “poison” from within.


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