Hibernating Thoughts

I don’t know about others but I do my best thinking (and get the strangest ideas) when I am alone, in the mornings, in my bathroom.
I can be taking a shower and suddenly this hot, new idea pops into my head. Or I can be washing my face, shampooing my hair or staring at the pimple wannabe on my face when I get hit by thoughts which I call inspiration.
Another of my best times for generating ideas is when I am about to drop off to sleep. Unlike my other half who drops off to sleep automatically (this I kid you not. He is like a PC. A shutdown means a shutdown), I will toss and turn for 20 minutes or so, until suddenly all the batteries run out and I fall asleep, unknowingly.
Oh, it isn’t insomnia at all. It’s been a habit of mine because as I toss and flap around in bed, the thoughts of the day come whizzing by.
Sometimes, I just have to get up from bed, annoyed and semi-groggy, just to find a bit of paper and a pen to jot down whatever brainwave I had.
Most of these brainwaves are to do with business and work and things like that. Of course, reading helps a lot too when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.
Also, I read once that people are usually too scared to share their ideas with everyone because someone might come along and steal it for themselves. Until one day I stumbled across a blog which stated that ideas aren’t worth a thing until someone comes and turns it into reality. Which is true. Consider how many ideas are floating about these days. Consider how many people actually do something about their ideas.
That’s why it is also good to start an idea book. Jot down ideas which seems silly or un-doable. I mean, look at the Wright brothers. Whoever would have thought a thing with wings could fly? Or Disneyland for example. People laughed at Walt Disney because they said NO ONE would pay money to get into a fantasyland. Look how many people go to this magical land each year. (In fact, a friend of mine, all of 40 years old, just came home from enjoying herself in Disney. And they said it was only for KIDS!)
You know those a-word-a-day websites? Where they send you a word each day so you can enlarge your vocab? Well, there’s an idea a day website too. They send you ideas which people contribute (yep, you can email them your idea and once accepted, it will be broadcast to everyone who is on the subscription list) on a daily basis. Some are weird but the thing about ideas is like a Tony Buzan mind map – it sparks off newer ideas. All it takes is but one small idea.
Here are some ideas from http://idea-a-day.com/

Invent a door bell that sounds like a large and aggressive dog barking.
The elderly would not only be able to hear the ‘bell’ but would also be
reassured that unwanted visitors might be scared off.
[by Samantha Mathers]
Devise an override system for high-rise elevators that would work with a
weight sensor. When the elevator is filled to capacity it would only stop
at floors where pasengers are exiting, bypassing any floors where new
passengers are waiting to board.
[by Peter White]
Introduce a picture soduko* board game. Nine picture tiles (dead poets or
soap stars) will be numbered on the reverse allowing players to set up the
board as instructed by a book of puzzles or whichever puzzle is printed in
the paper that day. They can be completed with reference to the picture
sides (and logic) only.
[by David Owen, Marc Haynes, Richard Bacon, Jo Stoller]
Weird? Funny? Impossible? Plain crazy?
Well, never say impossible because the Internet seemed liked an impossibility a hundred years ago.
* Speaking of soduko, it’s a puzzle that’s infuriating because of its simplicity. The Mensa types love this. I, unfortunately, am not Mensan. So I can say that I may not be able to solve soduko because my IQ is only 100.

2 thoughts on “Hibernating Thoughts”

  1. hv not slept with u b4, so dont know but your other 1/2 sure an “instant doozer”. ask him who cares for the backpacks in the airport.
    i agree sometimes one needs to get inspirations for ideas, and it can happen at the most absurd place/time.

  2. hi keatdhensem,
    haha. my other half can sleep anytime, anywhere. i am sure you know better than me. where do you get your ideas?


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