Funniest One Around

April Fools’ Day is 1 April, as any fool knows. It’s much more ‘celebratory’ when I was in school because no one in school lets you forget that this is the prankster’s day. I am sure you have your own tales of how one is tricked silly by friends. But this one has got to be THE funniest one ever…
Usually people play tricks on other people, and laugh at their expense. That’s the whole idea of a joke, right?
But not this one. He’s happy enough to show you how you can laugh (as in Ha ha ha laugh) at his expense because he’s actually quite adept at using Photoshop to errr….. transform everyday mundaneness into something worth guffawing about.
Meet the funniest one around… Kenny Sia, a blogger who lives in Kuching and whose tagline is: “When routine isn’t exactly normal”.
Enjoy! 😉
ps. remember to scroll to the middle for yesterday’s post. you’ll love it.

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