Not Another Quake

I guess the phone lines must have been jammed up last night. Yes, there was a big one last night.
Did you feel the tremors last night? I did and I thought I was imagining it. There I was, enjoying the lovely food pictures in Flavours (oh, did I mention my TV had conked out and we’ve been TV-less for the past few days?) when I felt my chair shaking. Not violently but a wobbly kind of feeling. Like if I sat on a huge Galapagos tortoise and he’d moved. Brushed it off since my other half didn’t even say a thing.
Only later when I went online to check my email that a Penang friend frantically messaged me. “Did you feel it?”
Now in Penang, if you ask that kind of question, make no mistake. It is about a QUAKE.
She had been woken up because her bed was shaking. A friend of hers from KL had called her to inform her of a quake at about midnight.
Quick as lightning, she’d jumped out of bed and started calling The Star. Now Penangites love The Star. It is OUR paper and The Star is the one publication you’d call if you wanted to know what the latest news/disaster/flood is. Only thing was, she got through only to be put on hold and forgotten about.
Next best action: go online. So that’s how I got to know the latest news about the 8.7 quake which hit Northern Sumatra last night.
Another friend from Butterworth SMS-ed me too. I was surprised because she is never awake at midnight. She felt her bedroom door rattling.
OK, go on and satisfy yourselves by clicking these links below. I know I did. 😉 Thanks, Paula, for these informative links.

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