Belated Thank You

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a long time now but somehow, things got in the way. Now, finally I can send my belated thanks to a good friend of mine. This is for you, Dotty…

Dotty and I share a weird friendship. We’ve never met. Yet we feel like soul sisters. We’re both Pisceans. And yes, that’s always nice to know because Pisceans often act and think in similar manner.
We met, thanks to this blog of mine way back in 2003. Been amazing e-pals since.
Dotty is crazy about books and tea. She posts her fave reads to me (no, actually, she buys two copies of each book and posts one to me…and get this, she asks me to keep it!) and I post packets of tea to her. She’s also into book-crossing but I still have my reservations about the general Malaysian’s attitude towards books.
And she remembers my birthday while I, the absent-minded person that I can sometimes be, forgot hers. *hangs head in guilt and shame*
What made me even more guilty (hence, this little post to make up for all that guilt) is that dear old Dotty sent me a gorgeous gift and card via post. Wrapped up in the sheerest tissue (two colours some more), tied with a satin-y purple ribbon, my velvet-covered sketch book arrived in style. The accompanying card said lots. In true Dotty style, she had noted in the corner of the sketch book: “From one nut to another…enjoy!!!”.
Thank you Dotty for everything. This post is dedicated to you.

The funky card which brightened my day…

…and nicer contents inside!

The maroon velvet-covered sketch book which I am too ‘sayang’ to use…

In evergreen Dotty style…

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  1. Awww…Maya…you shouldn’t have done this. Glad to know that you like the sketchbook…and please use it…don’t be like me *wink wink*…i have loads of journals waiting for my attention. Enjoy yourself and go crazy!!!


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