Naked in Everyone’s Eyes

“What if your blog is read by people you don’t like?”

A good pal emailed me this question today and I guess, like all questions, it needs an answer.

While blogging is a great sanity exercise, blogging can take away your time, energy, focus and then some. It can get you addicted to reading (and sometimes, wasting time) because everything seems so juicy and you just have to read other people’s blogs… or in other words, we’re all human – we’re all ‘kay poh chees’ of the highest order.

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A Heartfelt Recipe

“You know, cooking with you is different,” Best Friend says, in between observing me chopping up tomatoes for the tomato salsa we were preparing.

“Why?” I look up in surprise. I know Best Friend is rather hesitant in the kitchen, and she sticks to dishes she can cook. Give her a new recipe and her world is in chaos, temporary though it may be.

“You always know your dishes will turn out well.”

“But of course!” I give her my broadest grin.

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Hibernating Thoughts

I don’t know about others but I do my best thinking (and get the strangest ideas) when I am alone, in the mornings, in my bathroom.

I can be taking a shower and suddenly this hot, new idea pops into my head. Or I can be washing my face, shampooing my hair or staring at the pimple wannabe on my face when I get hit by thoughts which I call inspiration.

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Playing with Words

Recently, I had the good luck to find some of my ex-lecturer’s art pieces exhibited at the KLCC Galeri Petronas. He paints over pictures cut from magazines. I saw four of his pieces there – dark paint over blurred magazine cutouts of people.

But whoever the curator was, he or she needed Strunk and White’s 1918 classic on how to write simple, clear and understandable English. Because the introduction to the work was convoluted and pompous. Whoever wrote such an introduction clearly wanted to seem more high-brow and knowledgeable than she or he really was. If I hadn’t seen my lecturer’s work before, I wouldn’t have known an iota of what the introduction was about.

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Days of the Unknown…

A good friend, K, told me once that he doesn’t want anyone to know or read his blog. He says he likes keeping it that way. I think it is easier to spill one’s guts out knowing NO ONE (or at least no one you know) reads your innermost thoughts and ramblings.

It’s becoming quite antithetical, this blog issue. It’s becoming so popular that everyone has a blog now. It’s everywhere. Corporate bigwigs are highly interested in blogging because blogging works. Blogging makes us human. It taps into the YOU which the Internet de-humanises.

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Local Delights and More

Yes, folks. There is a Part 5. The concluding one in this whole Cherating series. A reader (eh hem) and close pal asked me this when I met him last week. What’s in Part 5, he asks? Well, the food part. But of course. Food features heavily in my life. I suppose it’s natural considering how I grew up surrounded by great cooks (my grandma comes to mind as well as my2nd aunt) and fabulous food.

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The Cruise – Part 4

What cruise, you must be asking? Well, so did I when I first heard that there were cruises in Cherating. That’s also why it’s always good to talk to the locals…in this case, the local wasn’t exactly local – she was a total Mat Salleh. Remember Amelia of Amies Cafe? Amelia was surprisingly engaging and told us we shouldn’t miss the mangrove river cruise up Sg Cherating…

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The Batik Sifu – Part 3

Batik lessons weren’t really on our agenda when we were in Cherating. It just happened that we wanted to get some batik souvenirs – t-shirts, sarongs, scarves – and we saw that it costs just RM30 to paint your own batik shirt.

Being on holiday meant that one usually does nutty things. We got around talking and decided that we would take on the challenge to paint ourselves a shirt each. Despite that the last time I painted something was when I was in Form 3. And got C3 for my Lukisan paper during SRP.

Although we had wanted to learn from this grumpy guy at Limbong Art (Pantai Cherating lama), we were perhaps ‘saved’ when we dropped by a cheery Western cafe for a lunch of burgers.

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