Seriously, who the heck is Maya Kirana?

It’s my nom de plume, pen name, secret alter ago. It’s a name I used when I first got online and started blogging way back in year 2000 when I was still working in the corporate world. I didn’t want people to trace me – I felt that being unknown allowed me to voice my opinions freely and openly. 

Too bad that over the years, everyone I know stumbled on this blog. So much for anonymity! Sheesh!

So here’s who I am. My real name is Krista Goon and Maya Kirana is my alter ego.

I’m 40 (women should NEVER be ashamed of their age), a Piscean Tiger and married to a Sarawakian. We have been living on this charming little island called Penang since we both met in Universiti Sains Malaysia like 20 years ago.

Nic and I are total opposites in personality but somehow we manage to get along well enough to run a business together. My chops in writing (specifically copywriting) and his forte in art and design make a potent combination. It’s quite karmic that we ended up married and in business.

We are the owners and partners of Redbox Studio, a web design & web marketing business which Nic founded in 1998.

We don’t have kids and we’re not sure if or when we’re having any. I do have a fat little old cat called Margaret. She makes us laugh. A lot.  Did I tell you we’re servants to the cat? (The cat adopted us and not vice-versa. She kept tailing us until we gave up and took her in! Serious!) Well, Margaret died on 8 April 2014 (sob!).

Let’s Backtrack A Little, Shall We? 

I’ve been scribbling and writing since young.

Since my first Enid Blyton book.

Since my first typewriter, a clunky thing my Godmother bought me when I got first in class. (I was a serious bookworm. Loved studying. Academic excellence was a game to me. It became my sole passion in primary and secondary school. Made my parents’ lives easier too. They never had to nag me to do revision. I am sometimes a bit too driven for my own good.)

I have always loved scribbling unfinished stories, letting my imagination take over and giving my creativity free rein.

It is no wonder then that I love blogging, a hobby I discovered by accident one day in 2002. And I’ve stuck to it though sometimes it unnerves me that there are strangers who read my blog and build up pieces of me in their minds, especially those who have not met me in person.

But people who have read my blog says my writing is refreshing.

I like that.

I like being refreshing, funny and honest.

I like living each day as it comes and being happy.

As a Buddhist I believe that living life well is the best gift to yourself. I love being inspired and I can’t stand people who complain all the time and yet never take action. I am often calm and some friends say they’ve never seen me upset or flustered. I admit I find it terribly unsophisticated to rail like a banshee.

A recent photo of Mayakirana

Writing Feeds My Curiosity 

Before I joined Nic in the business, I was happily ensconced in the corporate world for 7 years. I had a fantastic time because I did all sorts of stuff – advertising, web content management and corporate communications. Still, there is nothing like running your own business and being in charge of your own destiny!

I am a yoga fan, I crochet, I bake and cook, I am passionate about the environment, I adore reading, I love Traditional Chinese Medicine and soups (check out MY OTHER BLOG here), I love the smell of rain on a baking hot day.

I love spending time with good friends and I treasure relationships like I treasure the moments I spend alone. I love journalling, I love reflection and I love being patient, strong and courageous.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew the woman I wanted to be.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

Writing for websites is different from writing for myself.

I like escaping to my blog and ranting though these days, as the business needs me more and more, I have very little time to escape here. Still, I could never give up my blog.

I couldn’t live without email, my iPod, iPhone, iPad (big time Apple fan I am) and my Mac Fujitsu laptop.And let’s not even talk about Facebook and Twitter. Yes, yours truly has her finger in these two social media pies.

(If you want the full list of what I’ve done – speaking, writing, blogging, coaching and setting up a women entrepreneur network etc – take a look at this.)

And if you feel you need to write to me, please do.

I love getting mail, I love hearing from strangers who in the end become my friends.

P.S. If you’re wondering how I got the name MayaKirana, fret not. Here’s the answer you’re dying to read…in this post.

No Advertisements Allowed 

As you would have noticed, I do not have ads on this blog. I chose to keep this an ad-free blog simply because I started this blog as a means to share my thoughts and feelings.

Over the years, many advertisers have contacted me but I have turned them all down. Maya Kirana is MY space – a little sacredness of space in a world over-run by ads, paid reviews, sponsored stuff and advertisers.

If you appreciate what I write, please leave a message or comment or email me. That would make my day!