Visiting Uncle Lim

Yeah I know. I’ve been missing for a while now. Not on purpose but work, business and social life – let’s just say the past 3 weeks have been both relaxing and yet, frenetic. And sometimes I just need a break from blogosphere. Bloggers do need a life beyond the PC and the ‘Net.

I took off to visit Uncle Lim.

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Going Au Naturel

This problem with getting older is that white hair starts to show. And white hair is unsightly.

The way I tackle it is with tweezers. Pull white hair out by the roots. My aunts make a good game of this when I was younger. On a lazy weekend, they’d pay us kids to pull their white hair out. Each one was worth 10 sen. Gave us lots of impetus to start finding the tiny white hair on their head. This practice, no matter how profitable it was for us, has stopped because my aunts find that dyeing their hair gets the job done faster! (I also think they don’t want us to get rich on their unwanted follicles!)

Dyeing my hair did cross my mind but the last 2-3 times I did that were quite futile. For one, the hairdresser said I had virgin hair. Commercial dye does not “stick” well on virgin hair. And two, my hair is (OK, was) jet black. Need lots of dye and lots of time sitting around with smelly hair dye before any effect could be seen.

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So You Want to be a Writer?

Writing for oneself and blabbing away is easy.

Writing for a mass market is tough. I don’t know how publishing houses work in Malaysia but this piece by Marilyn Henderson is worth the read especially if you are thinking of being the next multimillionaire writer comparable to the likes of Dan Brown and etc.

Thought this was a good eye-opener in view of the Nanowrimo-ing going on this month. (And yeah, why am I not joining NanoWriMo? I tried. For 2 years. Somehow, Nov is the worst month for me. My holidays come in between and I lose that zing. And then I lose track of it completely.)

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